Saturday, October 1, 2011


Upon seeing this article on the Etsy blog, a friend and I decided---yes!  We must have a way to make seltzer. 

For a job such as this, you must have the right tools. 

Drilling holes under my kitchen sink for the safety strap. 

Buckled in and ready for action!

Does it work?

Answer?  YES.

 My life is awesome.  

(thanks to a fabulous mechanical engineering friend for the installation help!)


Sprite said...

You are crazy! Crazy awesome!

Rick L said...

Awesome. And what is this crazy carbonator going to be used for? I like the subtle praise to the Mech E (sorry, you don't do abbreviations, what number is that?) who helped. Well done, ladies.

Bridget said...

Making soda water for herb syrups and various cocktails. Wonderful.