Monday, April 28, 2008

T minus six days and counting!

I finished my last final exam today, and graduation is fast approaching. I'm still trying to figure out where these four years went, and how in the world this year in particular just flew by. I do have one more month of school to go before I can officially receive my diploma, so it will be a nice time to chill on campus and say goodbye to the nouns I have loved here: numerous friends, places (Puran and Chocolatier, do you want to move to Boston?), and things I will actually miss this upcoming year.

If you are interested in watching graduation, it will be on webcast here:

Yes, I'll be wearing a green robe, and I still haven't exactly figured out how to wear the hood thingy. But I have a feeling that between now and then, I'll muddle my way through it.

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M. said...

Green is definetely an interesting selection, but variety is the spice of life.