Friday, August 29, 2008

Finally at MIT!

A quick update: I arrived at MIT after a crazy flight (on the day the FAA computers failed and there was a tornado in Atlanta...even so, the plane was only 2 hours late arriving into Boston). I have been orientation-ing since then, moving into my apartment (pictures forthcoming!) as well as getting an ID card (I'm a real student? Whoa...when did that happen), plus meeting all sorts of random cool people. Also, it kind of freaks me out that I'm starting 17th grade. That is a lot of school. Yikes.

Tomorrow is the farmer's market for some real-people food, plus finishing some cleaning/organizing and figuring out what on my insanely lists must be purchased first. I have trips that must be planned to Target, Linens and Things, Ikea...believe you me, there is lots to do! I'm also going on a harbor cruise on Sunday, which should be a whole lot of fun. I must say...I am really glad to have Monday off as well: it just gives me that extra little bit of time to settle in.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Google Walk

As some of you may be aware, Google maps implemented a new feature a few weeks back to provide directions to walk between locations instead of just driving. Pretty cool, huh?

See here for a map of how to walk from Aldrich Arena to Lake Phalen. Some key trails were missed that I definitely would have taken (State Trail, Bruce Vento Trail), but it is a beta version...I will give them time. Now, what I'd really like to see are directions for biking based on both time, hills, etc...that would be brilliant.