Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Five

a la mieletcannelle. Because I tried to write about some of the other things I've been wanting to share, and I just kept getting pulled back by something shiny. Oops?

1. I tried deep fried baby carrots at a poster session this week. What a waste of batter and oil. I mean, I love a good mozzarella stick or cheese curd occasionally, and I can put down Dixie Crossroads corn fritters like there is no tomorrow, but man. What an insane waste of food. I mean, I even love steamed baby carrots! It was pretty epic...everything there was fried. Samosas, balls of rice, chicken fingers, latkes, the "fried veggies" ...ugh. I had to wash my hands twice to get all of the grease off.

(this but battered and deep fried. Thankfully a rare occurance in real life, because I couldn't find an actual picture on Google Images. Whew!)

2. For any diabetes mouse models, you give them a high fat diet. Not a high sugar diet. Proof that I may be okay in the diabetes grudge match my body may have one day (3/4 grandparents with diabetes does not bode well for me). Not that that's any reason to continue eating chocolate chips out of the bag. But they're so good! The sad thing is that I love fruit as I go on mango-eating binges and chocolate. My body is just sugar starved. Or something.

3. Ice cream batch number 1 was a success! I think I need to use smaller sugar granules next time (or perhaps more vigorous whisking) but it was quite delicious. Something a bit more exciting than vanilla is in store for my next attempt.

4. I can haz orchestra?

I received an email inviting me to be a part of the MIT Philharmonic Orchestra - the summer session of orchestra here....responded saying I would absolutely LOVE to...and was told that "sorry - there are already enough horn players continuing on from last year." Uh...I guess? It's kind of jerky to turn people away from, you know, a student orchestra, but whatever. I don't care. I was also slated to play in the opera Carmen this summer with the Boston Opera Collaborative, but that was unfortunately the same weekend as a family reunion. Don't get me wrong---I'm very excited to see family as well as friends in Chicago the weekend before (plus TWO nights of Ravinia!) but does anyone know any fun gigs for me in Boston?

5. Quals are on Tuesday, I'm going to NYC in TWO weekends, and I am at work at 7:30 pm on a Friday night. Yay science!


Eric said...

You should steal some liquid nitrogen from the labs to make your ice cream. It will be realllllllly smooth then.

Kate said...

I'm with you on the sugar thing.

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Deep fried carrots? strange. I'd love to try making my own ice cream!!

You Are My Fave said...

Really people? Deep fried carrots? Absolutely no point. I'm glad you gave them a try/