Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Exercise=better sleep.

No wonder I notice a direct correlation.

Now if only I didn't have so much stuff to do and could --- hey! get both an ample amount of sleep and work out.

In other news, I am now the proud owner of Holiday Inn, White Christmas, and Christmas in Connecticut (classic movies ftw! I can't wait to show them at the movie night next weekend!)

And then there's this little gem of my childhood:

Classy. Spoiler alert: the Swedish Chef tries to cook Big Bird.


Sprite said...

I didn't realize you were updating this! I got a lot to read now. Love the apartment pics! I think it looks really nice.

That wool yarn is very lovely. I do like to knit with things like that. Bu the more important question: Are you coming home for the holidays???

Bridget said...

Yes indeed! I still update, thought not as frequently as I'd like :)

Excellent! Gotland wool it is!

...and I will be home for two whole weeks! We shall definitely have to set something up. I'll be in touch with times and such a bit closer to when I come home.

Sprite said...

Oh, yay! I doubt this would work out, but I will actually be at my house in Maplewood ON Christmas. I don't know even if we are going out to see extended family, but who knows? Maybe we'll be able to run down the street and see each other right then! I have a present in the making for you right now. I'm so excited! Maybe we can see each other a couple times.

Sara said...

I want part two!!

Bridget said...

It's all there on youtube - just right click that you want to watch on youtube, and they'll be on the sidebar. Yay!