Wednesday, May 12, 2010

this day

First, it is freezing. I am freezing. It is 62ºF in my apartment. COLD.

Second, I just agreed to host an extra two floors for a study break this Saturday...that's 81 hungry girls to feed. With all food from scratch. My own personal Jamie Oliver challenge, if you will. I'll see you if I make it out alive?

Third...god bless whoever invented histamine-containing eye drops. Brilliant.


Kyla Roma said...

81 people to feed! /faint

If I start driving now, can I help? lol Good luck!!

Bridget said...

I'm a little starry-eyed just thinking about it!

I've blocked off all of Saturday to prepare (8 am til 5 pm). Hopefully that will be enough. I decided on a taco salad bar, so I'll be doing a huge crockpot of beans, my ginormous pot full of homemade "Mexican rice," guacamole, fresh salsa and then all the it's more prep work thank actual cooking. I'll be making about 8 batches of puppy chow and truffles on Friday night, so hopefully my melting chocolate fu is prepared. We'll see if I live. :)

Pretty Little Pictures said...

Ah, its starting to get super chilly here in the mornings too :)

Good luck with your feast making, I'm sure you'll do Jamie proud,and Nigella too, and Gordon. :)

If it all gets too much you can either start referring to food and what you are doing to it in sexual inuendos (a la Nigella) or just start swearing your head off (a la Gordon).

medicallyethically said...

Bridget, I see that you've become more like Nigella and less like a PhD student... Good luck with feeding 81 people. As much as I love cooking, that's way too many people to feed for me.