Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2011


The Force is with this one. 

Google Art - a brilliant way to look at paintings all over the world up close. 

Back to the Future:  just like those awesome pictures from the yearbook where you and your friends posed the same way the pictures were back in first grade!  (I can't find a copy of ours, otherwise I'd put it up here.)  I think it was the Now and Then feature?

The incredible gems from Silurian Era on Etsy (via) - I want them all, no question.

Beautiful street style/period drama mashups.  I pretty much want to dress like Eliza Bennett every day, so these were just so lovely...

I knew there was another reason to love Natalie Portman... (picture from here)

Amazing mathy paintings by Jonathan Zawada (via)


--Murder mystery party.  I play an older woman Egyptologist in 1890 named Ariadne.  How ridiculous is that?  

--25th birthday weekend!  The brother is visiting, there will be cake, brunch, hot pot and friends.  I'm pretty sure it will be perfect!

--World Championships in figure skating!  I'm going to watch every night.  Just see if I don't. 

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Kyle said...

That VW commercial was my favorite of the Super Bowl. Loved to watch it again!