Wednesday, April 25, 2012

science education

Cambridge Science Festival, wearing my teacher face.  You don't have a teacher face? 

 Here it is, Homecoming 2006 (love the caption: "During the Classic Car Show, Bridget '08 (right) explains the workings of a 1956 Chevy to friend Kathleen '08. She has been attending car shows with her father for many years.")

 Look!  There it is again!  ("Biology major and daughter of the tour leader Bridget '08 helps with
an experiment that shows how scientists identify gases when light is shown through them.")

All of these weren't posed, they were just me, thrilled to be teaching and talking to students.  My calling, I think.  Though exactly how it will be a career is kind of still unknown at this point. 

I also had the luck to be a guest judge at the Hannah Elementary School Science Fair  --- the project looking at whether cats are right-pawed or left-pawed was probably my favorite.


Rick L said...

Is your collar popped in that picture?

Bridget said...

Don't be a was really sunny out, and I didn't want to burn my neck on the 45 minute walk to an education exhibit that also had modules about UV damage from sunburns.

(but in a more general sense, this is why I don't really like polos, at all. there's a reason this is the only one I currently own)

Aimee said...

Very cute! And I like your popped collar.

Aimee said...

I just noticed you're wearing jeans in that picture! The first time I've ever seen you in pants!

Bridget said...

Aimee, believe it or not, that's my sky blue skirt in the first picture!

But, jeans were a requirement for Titan Band, the pep band at my undergrad, which is why you see me wearing them in both the homecoming picture and the third picture (I had a basketball game to play at that day).

elly said...

Haha, I don't have a teacher face, but when I snowboard instruct I get the 'teacher voice' apparently, which all my friends find hilarious! :)