Thursday, August 30, 2012


This shot looks calm and peaceful, but thirty seconds beforehand, I was pretty much having a coronary getting all the flowers ready for the bridesmaids and bride.

The bride had a really sweet idea where guests would bring flowers for the bouquet - from farmer's markets, from their backyard, that sort of thing.  Now, I love this idea.  But it's really hard to execute.  And keep in mind, the bride is a very chill person, a very go-with-the-flow person.  She wasn't trying to make this difficult.  Actually, of the ten links I sent her with ideas she chose the easiest of all them, saying she liked the feel of an informal bouquet.  Awesome.

However.  Trying to cut organize a plethora of flowers, find a suitable color scheme in the flowers we had, batch them together, add flower tape and then wrap with satin ribbon and pearl pins?  It is not a one hour, one person job.  No way, no how.  I felt very lucky to have the last minute assistance of the father of the bride and two bridesmaids to get them ready to go.  We were done with half the bouquets when the parents and grandparents were walked down the aisle.  Thankfully, someone gave the cue to have the musicians add a song, and we finished just in time, literally handing bridesmaids their flowers as they walked down the aisle.

In those last quiet moments, my heart beating a million beats per minute, I grinned at the bride and whispered jokingly, "I'm gonna kill you."  As I gave her a the biggest hug I could without mussing her dress, she laughed back and said "I know!  But they look lovely." 

(photo credit unknown)

In the end, it all worked out, the flowers looked gorgeous.

The singer was one of my other roommates!

See?  We have the mom, the dad, the nice daughter, and the hooligan son.  What a family.    (And yes, I'm the dad in this scenario.  Mom's the singer, above, the daughter is the bride, the son is a bridesmaid, and the dad was the florist).


I love these mints. 



First dance


"Mom and Dad"

Mm, red velvet.

Father/daughter picture.

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