Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tea tasting, L'Espalier

Calla Lilies and Boylston Street

In the somewhat coveted corner table at L'Espalier!   (the room was incredibly dark, no good pictures of food, sorry!)

I went to afternoon tea at L'Espalier last January with my mom and a few girlfriends, and we loved both the tea sommelier and the interesting flavors.  It's not really for the person wanting a plethora of scones and oodles of clotted cream, but that's okay.  This particular meal had some incredible tea dishes--it was infused into a dark and rich chocolate cake, a creamy panna cotta, foam covering a giant prawn, and somehow made it into a port after-dinner drink. 

And let's be serious, the black tea, pear, and anise soda aperitif was something I need to try and replicate, and soon.  I think next summer's cocktail adventures are going to involve tea. 

 Beautiful sunset sky on the way home

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Mary Kay said...

Tea based cocktails. Sounds very interesting. I'm curious to know what you concoctions you create.

Afternoon tea at L'Espalier is on my list of "must-dos" when I'm next in Boston.