Sunday, May 5, 2013

Articles Club Brunch

A group of us girls here at MIT all read Joanna Goddard's blog, Cup of Jo, along with a smattering of home, design, and mormon mommy blogs - and early 2012, Aimee had the brilliant notion to take Joanna's idea for an articles club and run with it.  Since then, we've scoured for the best essays, about murders, productivity, transgender children, and a communist town masquerading as a movie set (or the other way around).  We read the article and every month, one of us hosts an informal potluck (with wine, oh yes!).

And really, there are few things in this world I am evangelical about, but if you are in your 20s and either you or a single one of your girlfriends want to meet new girls or you simply want to find excuses for girl time, putting together an articles club is about the easiest thing in the world.  Don't want to cook?  Order in Thai food or sushi.  Or have it later in the evening and just buy a load of delicious desserty things. 

The best part is that all the original members were from MIT, but we invite friends from our labs, from high school, roommates, from music groups, all over.  All you have to be is a girl from Boston, and you're in!  You end up meeting all sorts of new ladies in a very low-key way, which is fabulous.

The article I chose for the articles club I hosted last weekend was about Body Integrity Identity Disorder - for practical purposes, a disease opposite phantom limb pain where individuals feel as if one of their limbs doesn't belong to them...and the lengths they go to have those foreign body parts removed.  It was...scary and unsettling. 

But!  There were waffles.  And who am I kidding, we don't spend all that much time talking about the articles, we chat more about upcoming babies, graduating, thesis drafts, new jobs, and the latest awful things our advisors have done. 

I made Alton Brown's waffles, as well as a new-to-me banana coconut waffle recipe!

 Such a lovely group of ladies!

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Aimee said...

Great post! Articles club is so fun-- and of course, waffles.