Saturday, June 8, 2013


Yesterday was MIT's official graduation ceremony, and unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate.  Despite the drenched state of affairs, my friends in the Earth and Planetary Science program rallied for a fun graduation house party.  I was tasked with the challenge of keeping bar, and wow.  I do love tending bar.

The Barkeep...bonus was designing the cocktail menu for the evening.  Elderflower Sparklers, Mint Juleps, Planter's Punch, a bourbon Arnold Palmer, Tom Collins, and Aviations.  No rum and sodas at this party!

The back of the bar - so many options!

My view of the festivities, I really did have a lovely spot!  Not shown?  The wad of 32 ones from the tip jar at the end of the night, to be used directly for next week's party in the Penthouse.  I love summer.

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