Thursday, October 24, 2013

The search for a souvenir

Despite being a kid who hoarded everything, had zillions of collections, and couldn't get rid of anything (sorry mom) - I've become an adult with a much more jaded view of stuff.  Maybe it's the fact that once I started college, in the next five years, I had moved all my belongings 12 times.  Probably.  This also means while I have enough dinnerware to host 45 people for dinner, I just don't have all that much room in my life to acquire things that don't have a purpose.

And before you ask, yes, I did try to find a giant cowbell, but I didn't have any luck.  They had some miniature ones in little shops, but not actual real cowbells, sadly.  

So, I think the best option is to find jewelry.  And the characteristic that really stood out in Switzerland that is hard to capture was the opaque green-teal-blue of the glacial rivers and lakes.  It's simply stunning. 


And I was hoping I could find a good match to remind me of the trip, sitting next to Lac Leman, dipping my feet in the River Aare in Berne.  However - it proved to be far more difficult than I thought it would!  After searching Etsy, Ebay, all over, I still haven't quite found the right color!  I won't give up, though!  Some contenders:


Blue quartz


Green fluorite

Green fluorite

Aqua quartz

Green fluorite

Green fluorite


JaneA said...

I think you've got some pretty good matches! There's a colour of blue/green called eau de nil, which is pretty much that colour. It means "water of the nile." But really, it could be called "eau de suisse" (water of switzerland) I guess. It's my favourite colour. I have a pair of high heeled shoes from le Chateau in the colour. Hope you can find a pretty gem to match perfectly! X Jane

Bridget said...

Eau de nil, apparently that's what I should have been looking for! I tried every combination of teal, turquoise, blue-green, green-blue, glacial, greenish-blue, blueish-green, everything! It seems as if very few people know what exactly to call that color, there are only a few hits on Etsy. Sigh. Back to my cadre of adjectives! :)