Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Trip to Tampa Bay

This January, I spent a weekend in the lovely (and warm!) city of Tampa Bay for a dear girlfriend's wedding.  There was family, there was great food, there was a tour of a hanger on MacDill Air Force Base, oh, and I have a friend who now has a husband!  

The picture above was taken at our hotel, and it really was so strange, to be in 75 degree weather after three days in a row where the high was below zero back in Minnesota.  Certainly a study in contrasts.  My last time in Florida in the winter was not a happy one; we took my grandmother there for Christmas the holiday after my grandfather passed away, and everyone just felt out of sorts.  Yes, the weather was great, we had the beach to ourselves, there were lovely things about the trip, and I'm glad we did it for grandma...but I'm a girl of the north.  Despite being the girl who is always cold, I love cozy winters, hot cocoa, snowflakes, and I have an unabashed adoration of snow pants (yes, the kind with the bibs).  Let's just say it would take a love as wonderful as Melinda found to take me away from my pine trees and apple cider. 

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