Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Twin Cities Eats: Grand Szechuan

To me, the best Chinese places are in Chinatown and in strip malls.  In some strange way, it's an immutable law of nature. 

Tea House is certainly a favorite, but given how hungry I was at noon after waking up at 3:30 am and spending two hours in O'Hare, the proximity of Grand Szechuan in Bloomington and the most wonderful spicy dish---one of Eric's top five favorites in the Twin Cities---won out.

Pardon the horrendous quality of the photo, they're right on point in the general stereotype of a strip mall location in the suburbs in their incredibly poor lighting.  They also have dark red leather booths, and a fish tank.  One cannot be an authentic Chinese restaurant in this part of town without them. 

But, what matters is not that the fried rice is scooped onto your plate using an ice cream scoop, or that they serve the same bright orange sauce on the side as First Wok, the Chinese place of choice for every IWU student.  What matters is how it tastes.  And this?  This was a great meal.  

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