Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Turning in chapter one!

Hey!  I'm still in grad school!

MIT Biological Engineering at the annual retreat.

My couch, covered in papers.  A strange filing system, yes, but some of the papers overlapped different sections of the intro, so my piles did as well (ha).

But the good news is that a draft of chapter one is complete! Even better, I spent the time to learn how to use a LaTex graphic interface called Lyx, so it looks quite fetching, if I do say so myself. It feels great to have another thing done! One step closer to graduating.


Oksana said...

Congrats!! I am very impressed you did Chapter 1 first. I think that was one of my last ones. And, I am doubly impressed you used a LaTeX-based program. It was always my dream to do my thesis in LaTeX, and I even know how, but since my professor took a while to edit and could only edit via Word (even though I think he ended up editing mostly on paper -- in terms of his actual corrections), it just never happened. So I am very jealous! Good job getting this first part done! The end is in sight!!! :)

Bridget said...

Well, this was the chapter from a project I had completely wrapped up, so it made sense to start what was done!

No one has commented for or against any type of editing program, so I went ahead with one that would keep track of headings, font size, figure labels, and a bibliography. It's funny, I've heard multiple professors request word from their students so they could edit it directly, but all of them printed it out on paper to edit it...which means the source doesn't really matter all that much.

And yes! End is in sight! :)