Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Winter Storm Marcus

The average snowfall in Boston for the entire winter season (typically December through March) is 43 inches.  The snowfall in Boston through Winter Storm Marcus brought us up to 71 inches.  Unreal.  And it's set to stay under freezing for the next ten days or so, meaning it will stick around for awhile!

MIT Facilities is on the job, clearing campus.  They've been so great...but going off campus is rough.  The MBTA closed down Monday evening and all day Tuesday.  The Red Line is essentially broken, over half of their cars are out of commission.  Visiting a friend's near Harvard Square?  Two lane roads are definitely down to one lane, and very few parking spaces are plowed.  Unlike Montreal, Boston hasn't figure out where to put their snow.  Dumping it into the ocean was thrown around, but that's been illegal for some time now given the icing chemicals plows use on the snow. 

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TomW said...

Great update - Saw that weather on the news & wondered how you were faring.