Sunday, May 17, 2015

Boston Eats: Dr. Loosen Riesling Tasting at Study

I finally had a chance to try out Study, the sister restaurant of Ames Street Deli.  Even better, it wasn't a regular meal, it was a partnered dinner with Dr. Loosen, a famous German maker of riesling.

Course 1 - oyster with ginger granita, bresaola, and habeñero chili.  What a good choice.  This was Aimee's first oyster ever!

Course 2 - Salsify three ways - with kumquat, brown butter, and broiled cheese, all in a delectable parmesean broth.

Course 3 - lion's mane mushroom with kale chips, apple, and walnuts

One of the many wines we tried.  Red slate, blue slate, they were all great, and so many different characters. 

Course 5 - wreckfish with potato strings, a mussel, and fiddleheads,

Course 5 - Sassafrass, fennel, and banana ice cream float (I'll be honest; this one was odd.  Vegetables and ice cream lately keep getting paired at fancy restaurants, I appreciate the novelty but not really the taste)

The wines!  The dessert wine was especially golden and wonderful (and $120 a bottle, ha).  We were lucky to be seated with the owner of Federal Wine and Spirits for the dinner and had some great conversations with him about wine, tasting, and how to learn about wine as a poor single gal. 

Dr. Loosen himself!  I have to say, if I ever get to Germany, I'm definitely going to drop in on the winery.

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