Friday, July 24, 2015

Twin Cities Eats: Hmong Market

Inside these very unassuming doors lies the hub of the Hmong community in Minnesota.  It used to be a storage site for St. Paul schools, and now it is a great place to find excellent Hmong food, art, and groceries. 


Murals, spices, and all sorts of unfamiliar fruits!

And delicious boba tea.  Boba with a fruit smoothie is a bit more traditional, but I had to go with the familiar milk tea to start. 

I loved the condiment options.

Pho with toppings, egg rolls, purple sticky rice, Hmong sausage - I can't wait to have the pho on a freezing day in the middle of winter.  See a full review from Heavy Table here, there are so many different options for food.

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