Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Planning for graduate school: part two (the kitchen)

As this will be a shared space, many things will have to be discussed with my roommate upon her arrival, but I want to make sure that I have a complete set of kitchen items to force myself to really take advantage of the possibilities of cooking and baking. I have also started browsing a lot of cooking blogs looking for interesting recipes to try (some of my favorites being lavender soda, a watermelon limeade, a baked corn and basil side dish, and edamame mashed potatoes). Appliances for roommate discussion are a rice cooker, toaster, microwave, and maybe a George Foreman grill.

-silverware (spoons, butter knives, forks, Asian ceramic soup spoons)
-silverware storage
-wine glasses
-wine rack
-brita filter pitcher (plus extra filters)
-regular glasses
-large ceramic mugs (for tea)
-small nalgene
-stainless steel mug
-plates (ceramic)
-kitchen knives
-bowls (ceramic)
-vegetable peeler
-cheese grater
-small potato masher
-wooden spoons
-spatula (plastic and metal)
-pizza stone
-mixing bowl
-cookie sheets
-drying rack for cookies
-casserole pan
-frying pan
-spice rack
-cheesecake pan
-muffin pan (and paper muffin cups)
-standing mixer
-measuring cups and spoons
-slotted spoon
-can opener
-ice cube trays
-covered glass and plastic dishes (for leftovers, cooking in the oven, and lunches)
-pyrex measuring bowl
-frying pan (one large with a cover, one small)
-cast iron skillet
-pots (from small to large)
-cake pans (circular, 9x13 (with metal covers), 9x9; both glass and metal)
-cutting board
-hot pads
-rolling pin
-chip clips
-serving platter
-pie plate
-hand towels
-dish soap
-swiffer wet jet
-aluminum foil
-parchment paper
-saran wrap
-plastic Ziploc bags
-paper towels
-dish towels
-napkins, placemats, and tablecloths (I use fabric, so I picked up a bunch cheap at goodwill)
-drying rack for dishes (plus a drain board)
-garbage bags (plus garbage container)
-magnets (for the refrigerator)

1 comment:

Greg Albing said...

I say just take whatever you need to make those cookies you made and eat them for every meal.

Other than that, take the frying pan, the pyrex, and the knives, and skip the George Foreman grill.

Congrats on the first night of pit!