Thursday, July 10, 2008

Planning for graduate school: part three (the bathroom)

A lot of this stuff seems obvious, but it really does help to write it down.

-toilet paper
-cough syrup
-toothpaste (Tom’s of Maine is natural and odd-tasting at first, but after going back to a regular toothpaste because I couldn’t find it in Illinois, I much prefer the non-chemically taste)
-antibiotic cream (bacitracin, Neosporin)
-aloe gel
-gauze and tape
-sunscreen (Aveeno SPF 55)
-soap (in the pump; try to get non-antibacterial and not too obnoxious smelling)
-shave gel
-barrettes, clips, hair ties
-facial cleanser (day and night)
-face moisturizer (with SPF!)
-lotion (go cheap and as large as you can)
-contact lens supplies
-travel caddy (plus the ability to take all of your necessary toiletries on a plane, so under 3 ounces)
-some sort of all-purpose bathroom cleaner
-paper towels/sponge for cleaning
-toilet brush
-toilet plunger
-hand towels
-bath towels
-mat in front of the tub (roommate discussion)
-shower curtain (roommate discussion)


M. said...

I heard a rumor that Method (at Target) makes a liquid hand soap that is not anti-bacterial and is biodegradable. I haven't looked into this yet, cause we are still going through our economy-sized refill bottle.

M. said...

P.S. Target sells a teak bath mat that inhibits the growth of bacteria and teak is sustainable. It's kindof spendy (can't remember how much) but it should last for years (whereas the bath rug that I got for my wedding two years ago is starting to die).