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Boston Restaurant Guide

I'm not sure quite how to publish this one, but I think I will print as is, and edit in as I go, so it becomes a helpful restaurant guide).

Below are the restaurants where I have eaten here in Boston, as well as a bit about each of them:

Anna's Taqueria (MIT, various) - filling and cheap.

Au Bon Pain (Kendall, various) - kind of like Panera. Good but gets expensive...

Bartley's Burgers (Harvard Square) - all of their burgers are named after political figures--it's really cramped, so don't go with too many people. Sweet potato fries are yummy.

Bertucci's (Central Square and others) - the rolls are like CRACK. Otherwise, it's like Olive Garden but better food.

Blu (Downtown Crossings) - the meal I had in the cafe wasn't great, but the food in the restuarant is supposed to be's in the health club of a hotel, so it's not somewhere expected, but it has gotten great reviews

Cabot's (suburbs) - ice cream is better than the food...really elaborate and awesome death by chocolate creations!

Central Kitchen (Central Square) - great local food. Pricey. They used heirloom tomatoes that they had bought at the farmer's market a block away.

Cheers (Faneuil Hall) - overrated - but I'm glad I got to go with my mom and take a picture of her with her Cheers mug :)

Christina's Ice Cream (Inman Square) - bigger portions than Toscannini's, and both their sorbet and ice cream is wonderful. Bostonians are ice cream snobs, so most places here are quite good.

Daedalus (Harvard Square) - lovely rooftop garden. Wonderful salads.

Dim Sum (Chinatown) - go with someone who speaks Mandarin. Otherwise your experience just won't be as good.

East Coast Grill (Inman Square) - LOUD. but fantastic seafood...and the sangria is to die for.

El Pelon Taqueria (Fenway) - cheap and filling.

Emma's Pizza (Kendall) - deliciously quirky pizza. upscale and yummy

Excelsior (Boston Common) - really expensive, but great for Restaurant week - they even brought out a large piece of dark chocolate with "Happy Birthday, Bridget!" on it in delicate white icing, with a small candle molded to the plate with icing. Celebratory without obnoxious singing...loved it! Also, it was louder than most fancy restaurants are, and their wine cellar is awesome (you come through it on the elevator to the second floor where you eat)

Fire and Ice (Harvard Square) - "mongolian bbq-style" - For someone who has had, you know, semi-real Mongolian BBQ (thank you, Khans!), this was terribly bland for me. But the $10 all you can eat Monday night student deal really feeds college guys quite well

Flour Bakery (near South Station) - amazing sticky buns. Call ahead to reserve yours...they sell out quickly!

Four Burgers (Central Square) - sells beef, turkey, salmon, and veggie burgers, and you add but $10 a burger. I met the owner - super nice guy

Herrell's Ice Cream (Harvard Square) - it's in an old bank, so they painted the safe to be aquarium-esque! Very cute!

Kelly's Roast Beef (Revere Beach) - have the beef sandwich or the lobster roll. So good!

Koreana - (Prospect and Broadway in Cambridge) - good lunch specials $9ish

La Famiglia Giorgio (North End) - HUGE portions of pasta. And students get a 20% discount. Leave room for cannolis (basically, stuff yourself on bread, eat a couple bites, and bring the rest home...I had enough for three meals)

La Verdad (Fenway) - opened by a famous chef. Because he wanted to have a taco store. Bring friends and get the chips and guacamole. An order is $7 (as much as your burrito) but totally worth it. Oddly enough, guacamole tastes amazing with parmesean cheese.

Legal Seafood - (Kendall and others) - super expensive, but the seafood here is top shelf. I personally loved the crabcakes, but lobster is also delicious.

Miracle of Science (Central Square) - the menu is on the wall in a periodic table. You can tell you're near MIT really isn't that good. But the name is priceless.

Modern Pastry (North End) - beautiful cannolis. Have three.

Olive Tree - hello $2.85 falafel sandwich with lentil soup! Go early and be served by the owner's 13 year old daughter in plastic looney tunes flatware. Decor is priceless...wait, it all has prices on it. Even the donkey footstop.

Pizzeria Regina (North End) - people who own it can get kind of cranky...there is usually a line outside (they don't take reservations) - realllllly good pizza.

Pourhouse (Boston, near Boylston and Mass Ave) - half-price burgers on they cost $3. It's usually hard to find a table, and they have no one in charge of seating, so it's kind of a dog eat dog experience. If you're not up for smushed elbows or being pushy, don't go.

Punjabi Dhaba (Inman Square) - cute store with Bollywood playing while you wait. Best bang for your buck, and it's all served on these classy tin cafeteria trays. Make sure to get naan, and a lassi if you're feeling thirsty.

Rialto (Harvard Square) - absolutely amazing. Tuna tartare was beyond delicious - and while food there is pricey, it is doable for the $30 prie fixe meal during restaurant week.

Royal Bengal (Central Square) - good buffet

Sagra (Davis Square) - great Italian for a first date.

Shilimar of India (Central Square) - also a good lunch buffet

Sunset Bar and Grill - the best beer selection in Boston--reasonably priced flights as well. Food is good, too.

Toscannini's (Central Square and others) - mmm. I like ice cream. A lot.

Upper Crust (various) - excellent large slices of takeout pizza. Sometimes they have steak on their pizzas, but it's a lot of unconventional ingredients

Places I want to go:

Hungary Mother (Cambridge)

The Beehive (Boston)

Pho Republique (Boston)

Persephone (Boston)

Toro (Boston)

Plus many many more for restaurant can bet I'm saving money for it now!

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