Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grad Gala

...I love getting dressed up. In vintage dresses. And dancing. Oh how I love dancing...

Quote from my grandmother: "Bridget, look at your wrists! You really need some bling. Don't you have any bracelets?"

---being the lucky girl I am, my mom picked up four amazing rhinestone bracelets a few years ago at the estate sale of a family friend. Too bad they were at home. However - they are now back with me in Boston, so they just may make an appearance at a future gala.

But for now---I'll just remember this ball with fondness as I procrastinate writing a grant review for 20.400. Because I love me some learning!

1 comment:

mieletcannelle said...

You look stunning. And.. it looks like we may be moving your way... shhhhh