Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter! (or, Happy Zombie Jesus Day! ...thanks Flarnie)

Enjoy your eggs, gigantic bunny, and scones/quiche today, friends! I'll be hiding eggs for my little brother next weekend while I am home, and I am already cooking up some positively GENIUS places to hide them. Watch out, J. You + me = GAME ON.

(also--my hair still looks like this sometimes. look for me when it rains. and you'll see the most fro-ed out head of hair you've ever seen on someone over the age of four).

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Kylie said...

Happy Easter to you too and congrats on your new resident position/apartment. The views look absolutely beautiful. I visited Boston once during college (actually stayed at the MIT hotel?) but reeeeally want to go back again. We played a tournament at Harvard so all I saw were tennis courts for three days. I'm sure there is much more to see :)

Kylie of Bandelle

P.S. Thanks for the book recommendations. Off to Half Price Books this weekend!