Sunday, September 6, 2009

remembering my grandparents

My grandfather passed away five years ago...and my grandma currently isn't doing so hot. But a few weeks ago, I decided that there was nothing more than I wanted than to hear both of them talk about their childhoods in Gibbon and Tracy...and talk about the gang of hooligans my grandfather ran around with, as well as the cute football players my grandma used to date...all of it.

It was wonderful to hear them speak again. I'm glad that I have a permanent recording of him saying my name, using the word futz in a sentence, and holding my grandmother's hand.

"You know, Bridget...the past year and a half have been very difficult, with the cancer treatments and all of that. My days are numbered. But the thing that tides us over is all of the good years we've had together. It's been such a good marriage, and Inez has been such a wonderful wife. And despite the fact that our travel is pretty much restricted, we can still sit back and remember that we've been there, and we've done that. ... We've been the most blessed couple, I guess. That I know."

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