Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Five thoughts for the day:

1. The name Plasmodium yoelii. (youl rhymes with soul)-eee-iii Yoelii. Awesome. Oh of my kids is gonna get saddled with this one, I just know it. Or maybe the dog. Yooooo--leeeee---iiiii-----it's time for dinnnn--nnnnerrrr! Totally has a nice ring to it.

2. It's snowing big fluffy flakes outside. Winter for the win.

3. I'm listening to the Glee soundtrack...and it is improving my mood by leaps and bounds.

4. I am so sick of copying things into mFold. Ugh. It's a program that uses an algorithm to tell you how a sequence of DNA would fold...which is really cool! It's just really....tedious.

5. I built something in lab today. With my hands. Seems rudimentary, you say? It is. But...I still figured out how to fix a problem with the tools I had available. Miles of progress in comparison to usual response, which is a short sigh followed by "hey guys...could me with this?"


Andrew said...

You built something in lab?

Almost makes a physics lab with minimal instructions seem useful...


Bridget said...

Now that you mention it, maybe I was channeling Dr. Brandon...or maybe the guys on Mythbusters. I'm not quite sure.

Andrew said...

That's pretty good. :) I'll tell him that next time I talk to him.