Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yesterday - meeting a great friend from IWU for breakfast at my place (she was here in Boston for a librarian conference), going on a single stream recycling plant tour (absolutely incredible; more on this later), a very stressful presentation, and then going home to find that Massachusetts had voted Cosmo's nude centerfold winner of 1982 into the US Senate--which turned into sadness-provoked insomnia, my friends. I had to get up and read some of "Charlotte's Web" to chill out my poor jaded and bitter brain. I just want health care, my friends. Or, I want all my friends to have health care! (seriously---I am very lucky to be in a place where I have health care. Many of my friends don't. This is awful).

Today - Not too much in-lab work today, but lots of reading, papers, and discussing of important things. It's science!

Tomorrow - looking forward to doing more lab stuff, plus a fun dinner on Friday at a shawarma place with a labmate and his girlfriend. And a weekend with thrifting and guessed it! More reading.

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