Wednesday, August 4, 2010

mourning the triceratops, the latest scientific casualty

What is with you, science?

First you kill off the planet Pluto, then you decide that protons are smaller than we thought, and now that the triceratops is actual the juvenile form of the lesser-known torosaurus. What gives?

Progress, my friends. Knowledge. But sometimes with new discoveries come the fact that, tear, adult triceratops, well...they don't exist. Or, they don't exist as triceratops like we think of them today. Thank goodness that Cera (the bossy one from The Land Before Time) will never really get old.

(speaking of, they're on Land Before Time XIII (that's 13) and according to Wikipedia includes such characters as Loofah and Doofah. No joke)


Missa said...

I wonder if the adult triceratops model figures of today will one day be collectors items, hmm...

Hey, thanks for the tip on freezing shredded zucchini, that's awesome, I'm gonna try it :)

Kempt said...

Oh my god, you don't even know. I remember watching The Land Before Time when I was little and sobbing from start to finish! xo