Wednesday, September 7, 2011

20s inspiration

I know I've already posted about the Jazz Age party on Governor's Island, but now that it's become a real trip next summer (with three lovely ladies joining me!) I am looking forward to finding some beautiful things to wear: shoes, jewelry, a dress.  I already have four purses from my grandmother's collection that will be making an appearance, but the rest of my outfit is still to be found.

I've been looking through flickr and and made a pinterest board to gather inspiration from the lovely ladies at prior Jazz Age Parties, and wow, do they all look wonderful.

During my weekend in Minnesota for my cousin's wedding, my mom and I squeezed in a trip in between errands to My Sister's Closet, my favorite vintage spot at home.  While Boston does have great high-end and current consignment (Poor Little Rich Girl, Second Time Around), I do feel like it's a bit harder to find vintage there.  Yes, Dame is great, but the storefront in Jamaica Plain recently closed...and 40 Street South has very little before the 60s.  Some of the SOWA vendors have great vintage, but the availability is spotty.  Garment District is overrated, but you can sometimes find good deals there.  The Goodwills are always a possibility, but they are hit-or-miss.  Boomerangs is a nice thrifting spot, but again, real quality vintage is a rarity there.  Oona's is probably the closest to My Sister's Closet, but the prices are really high (compared to Minnesota, certainly).  The owner, while perhaps gruff at first glance, is willing to talk about particular items you're looking for and has some incredible resources for vintage hats.  But word to the wise: avoid during the month of October, lest you be run over by Harvard undergrads.

Maybe there are some better places in the suburbs, or maybe I haven't given them enough of a chance, but Minnesota wins for me.  It is true that my two years as a driving teenager in Minnesota gave me far more freedom to explore thrift stores.  Bloomington, IL had hardly any options, and I guess right now in Boston I just haven't needed all that much, and I just don't have as much time to wander around and shop.

Anyways, my love for My Sister's Closet exists partly because the owner, Arlene, is pretty much amazing.  I've spent many a lovely hour putting on fashion shows for Arlene behind the counter, and savoring the Dove chocolate that made its way into my bag with every purchase.  I bought my prom dress there, as well as the dress I wore out on my 21st birthday.  She's always been the best cheerleader, loving everything that I put on for her.  While she wasn't around when we were there, my mom did find a lovely cream-colored silk dress that could be perfect for the party; all for the completely reasonable price of $12.  Even better, I had $11.50 leftover from a prior consignment, meaning the dress cost 50 cents.  Perfect. 

Now to find shoes.  And a hairpiece.  I think this sort of event definitely calls for a fascintator.

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