Monday, March 26, 2012

Mad Men Party!

Carrot cake, jello in molds, "candy bar" bars from the 1961 Pillsbury Bake-Off (winner was from Minnesota!), and seven layer bars!  I contributed the jello; it was actually the first time I had attempted putting jello in molds!  Lesson learned:  layered jello desserts with the somewhat more fragile evaporated milk layer are a bad idea.  Go with straight up jello, and make sure you fill it to the top. 

Candy cigarettes, making an appearance!

Getting my curly hair to puff into the faux poof thing as done by Casey of Elegant Musings was difficult, and I wasn't all that successful.  I used about 83 bobby pins to get everything to stay up, but it really reminded me that I should try doing crazy things with my hair more often.

It was such a glamorous evenings - gentlemen in suits, ladies in heels ---plus everyone drinking Old Fashioneds and Brandy Alexanders.  Add the candy cigarettes, deviled eggs, spinach dip, and Swedish meatballs (my other contribution) --and you've got quite the party. 

(Also--if you're in Boston and in need of 60s attire, the best spot is 40 South Street, with other thrift stores in Boston coming in second; you never know what you'll find!)

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Mary Kay said...

You look so glamorous! It sounds like it was a lot of fun.