Thursday, March 1, 2012

Oscars 2012

I have a bit of a tradition to give my own personal Oscar gown commentary every year during the Oscars pre-show (see 2011 and 2010)  -- but as I spent most of this year's Oscar's in the air coming home from a wedding shower and bachelorette party weekend, this year's won't be snarky, more just some ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the dresses.  It doesn't help that I have seen exactly 2 of the approximately 45 nominated films (Midnight in Paris, Bridesmaids).  I do love movies, but I'm on the about-two-years-behind Netflix watcher plan.  But---to the dresses!  (pictures courtesy of, and The New York Times)

Favorites of the evening:

Meryl Streep (love the color, love the smile even more!)

Viola Davis (color is superb!)

Esperanza Spalding (just such a glorious look on her)

Ellie Kemper (I love the bronzey-gold shimmer)

Marit Brook-Kothlow (I know it's Lisa Frank purple, but wow, love it)

Natalie Portman (polka dots!)

Rooney Mara (very elegant)

Bingbing Li (look at that see-through detail!)

 Sherri Shepherd (color is fabulous, though I wish she wasn't wearing such a scandalous bra)

Rachel Smith (I like the ruched details and the statement necklace, very nice!)

Jessica Chastain (just the right amount of complicated)

Octavia Spencer (starlet all the way!)

Shaun Robinson (that color!  that smile!)

Elizabeth Cotnoir (love the Grecian cut)

 Giuliana Rancic (this is how you do form-fitting but not bare it all! beautiful color!)

Gwyneth Paltrow (even with the cape.)

Penelope Cruz (I love off-the-shoulder gowns, even though they're not the best for movement)

Kristin Wiig (the right way to do feathers, nice and understated)

 Melissa Leo (I love the sleeve detail)

Milla Jovovitch (sparkly!  does she ever cease posing like a vamp?)

Maya Rudolph  (that wine color is perfect for her)

The in-betweens:

Angelina Jolie (slits for slits sake, not my favorite)

Elaine Taylor (although I like the dress, I'm pretty sure Christopher Plummer is the best accessory here..)
 Alexandra Edenborough (a little too boxed in)

Virginia Madsen (when done like that, satin just gets creased funny..)

Sandra Bullock (pretty, just not my favorite)

Christopher Lloyd's guest  (YELLOW.  extra points for ballsiness)

Brooke Burns (how can you walk?  Color is great, though)

Bérénice Bejo (that shade just washes her out, though the cut is fabulous)

Stacy Kiebler (ah, Marquesa, so sculptural!)

Tina Fey (too boxy, sorry)

Emma Stone (if only there wasn't a bow!  The color is gorgeous, and I love the draping, so elegant!  She kind of reminds me of this book I had as a kid with a puppy with this giant bow, I can't find a picture, but it's a dead ringer)

Stan Chervin's guest (a little maternity-ish)

Wendi McLendon-Covey (distressed princess?)

Melissa McCarthy (I wish she would have worn something brighter)

Annie Mumolo  (too boxy for me, color is great)

Janet McTeer (hugs her oddly)

Sarah Hyland (she looks washed out in the mauve)

Glenn Close (love the color, but there just seems to be a lot of fabric going on)

Jane Seymour (you amaze me)

Michelle Williams (I'm not such a big fan of the peplum hippy look)

 Colin Firth's guest (kind of boxy)

Bo Derek (lovely color, dislike the shape)

Rose Byrne (drama!)

 Cameron Diaz (I don't really like the feather cascade)

Cecilia Hart (I'm not really that big a fan of bright white with black)

Judy Greer (the yardstick splitting her up is kind of odd)

Louise Roe  (it's the Oscars!  You don't need to wear a blazer...)

Least favorites of the evening:

Jennifer Lopez (don't hate it, but definitely don't like it)

Busy Phillips (gowns cut like this just make me cringe, it's such an odd cut)

Shailene Woodley (kind of looks like a 70s throwback that belongs on a Bond girl)

Amara Miller (it's the sleeves)

Missy Pyle (the one-shoulder + drop waist + peplum, too much)

Guest of Mark Bridges ---it looks like a black Pnina Tornai (Say Yes to the Dress designer) ---and I have to say, I just kind of don't like the see-through corset look.  Ever.

Penelope Ann Miller (I think the baby pink is a bad choice for this sort of gown; she would have been better served by a bright color).

Anne-Sophie Bion (I'm sorry, maybe it's the angle, but this looks like a garbage bag)

Anna Farris (booberific balck sequined dress, yikes)


Mary Kay said...

As I only saw a couple of the dresses, I loved scrolling through your post and seeing more of them. One of the ones that I did see was Emma Stone's red dress and had the same reaction as you - why is that big bow ruining it. And I know exactly which book you're talking about even though I can't remember the name. At first I thought that it was "Clifford" but I couldn't find the one with the bow on Amazon. This question will plague me for days!

Bridget said...

I'm hoping my mom will remember which book this's not Clifford, maybe it was in one of the smaller Golden Books? Maybe about a pet store? It's driving me crazy, too, Mary Kay!