Thursday, May 22, 2014

Boston Eats: Afternoon Tea at the Boston Public Library

It's hard to believe that five years ago, I had never been to an afternoon tea.  And now?  They've reached tradition status in my life.  There's just something about the scones, the warm tea, the lounging, the good conversations, the company.  I love it. 

I've been to several spots around the city at this point, but I hadn't been the Boston Public Library's afternoon tea service, served Wednesdays through Fridays. 

When I marry my Boston Brahmin zillionaire, we're totally getting married here.  (ha)

The restaurant is tucked away, and the transition from the much darker (though admittedly cozy) library cafe into the bright white and purple room with sumptuous armchairs was a complete surprise.

Things I am a sucker for: white china. 

Tea sandwiches were excellent. 

Desserts were a nice mix of fruit and chocolate.  It isn't afternoon tea without just a bit of chocolate, you know.

And scones.  Scones, I adore you.

I forgot to mention that purple goblets.  There are purple goblets. And yes, they're the kind you imagined yourself drinking with as a queen when you were playing dress-up at age seven.

Ambiance - absolutely lovely, an unexpected gem of a room; quiet and perfect for conversations

Waitstaff - courteous and helpful, and in no hurry to make us leave; very conscientious of vegetarian and allergen requests

Savory - bread cut into just the right size, nice mix of flavors, the cucumber sandwiches were well-balanced; bread was fresh (no stale edges)

Sweet - good blend of fruit and chocolate

Scones, clotted cream, and jam - warm out of the oven, jam was nice, clotted cream was a bit thin, but certainly pardonable, for it tasted wonderful

Tea quality - I had my standard English breakfast with milk and sugar; tea options were varied but not overwhelmingly extensive

Cost - $32 per person

Overall - a nice meld of traditional tea with a slightly modern setting; if you need a place to go during the week, it's a great option.  

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