Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Twin Cities Eats: Boneyard

Where there is "chicken and waffles" on a menu, there is Eric saying, "We're going." 

I'm glad we're related.  And so off we went to Boneyard, a new restaurant in Minneapolis. 

We went on a Sunday night, and the bouncer gave my mom a funny look, a "you're too old for this place" look as he checked our IDs...apparently Sunday dinners are normally slow so they like to kick it up a notch, hiring a DJ and turning the bass up to 11.  Not exactly ideal when one is home for three days and wants to catch up with their family, but hey, we rolled with it.

Unwritten rule of Uptown Restaurants: kale must be on your menu.

Quite pleased with his cocktail, the Moonshine Punch.  Dickel White Rye, Midnight Moon Blueberry Moonshine, lemon juice, and beer. 

Mom's drinking the blackberry sage tea (we all loved it), and I went for The Cloister, a strong dose of gin with chartreuse, grapefruit juice, and lemon juice.

I will surprise everyone (everyone) and say I adored the lima beans in the succotash.  I hate lima beans.  They are so chalky and awful.  But someone must have been talking to the Lima Bean God, because these were smooth and creamy.  And the fried potatoes?  So good.  The meat was a solid good, not great.  And don't bother with the coleslaw or the hockey puck biscuits.

I completely agree with the Heavy Table's general take on their new restaurant flaws...as in, seriously?  You're a southern restaurant that made bad biscuits?  And the acoustics, whether DJ'd or otherwise, even after the music was turned down, well, it was deafening in there. 

But the drinks were fun, I love that Minnesota is starting to have some great flashes of inspiration in the form of southern food, and I think their large patio will be so much fun during the summer.  And I love the decor.  Hopefully I can come back for drinks and dinner sometime and they can impress me with their progress! 

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