Monday, June 8, 2015

Boston Red Sox vs. The Minnesota Twins!

We could hardly believe it, but the Red Sox were playing the Minnesota Twins the week of graduation!  Perfect.

So off we went, using the new-fangled Uber to get us there. 


And----we won!

Jacob got a photo with the much-talked-of AND totally denied Brian Dozier after the game.

(I'm writing this entry on July 11th, the day after his #VoteDozier campaign came to naught and another Missouri player made it on the team.  Kansas City has four of the nine starters for the American League team.  Give me a break.  And then last night, the Twins were down five runs in the 9th and then tied it off and Dozier hit a walk off homer to win the game.  

Well.  He didn't get on the All Star Team, but he certainly proved he can play an amazing game of baseball.

Edit July 12th - one of the other players was injured, so he's on the team!!)

Also notable: I was freezing!  It was 50ºF in the shade, and I was shivering in my down coat.  Brr.

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