Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Biological Engineering before hooding!

It looks like I'm receiving a giant puffy hat, but no, it's a hood!

Despite the relative calm of this picture, it was distinctly not calm.  There was a little boy that was not being watched that kept popping up to pretend-speak in the microphones.  Really, MIT just needs to put up multiple backdrops for photo purposes all over the campus so people don't have to wait, and so everyone has a chance to get a great picture.  Ah well. 

Hooded and ready for graduation!


TomW said...

I am thrilled to read of your accomplishment. Kudos to you. I know you worked hard to earn it.

Since our rising junior expressed an interest in Ivy League schools (We live in AL), we recently road-tripped your way to tour MIT & Harvard. They were just starting to take down the tents from your graduation when we arrived.

Daniel took the student tours at both institutions. He & I both thought MIT was great.

It was wonderful connecting many of the pictures in your blog with what I saw.

Best of luck in the future; I hope you have not yet reached your equilibrium constant as I enjoy your posts.


Bridget said...

What an exciting trip! Though I don't have any sway with the admissions committee, I certainly know a bit about the dorm life and culture...though he wouldn't be able to live in the all-female McCormick! :)

Best wishes to the whole family as you embark on the year-long journey of the college search and decision - hopefully a great fit is found!

TomW said...


On the flip-side, while I do not have any sway with Marshall Space Flight Center, either Kim or I can badge you in should you want to explore opportunities.

Best of luck to you, too.

Bridget said...

I went to Huntsville back in the day for my brother to go to Space Camp, and we stayed up in Guntersville for the week. I was amazed by the kudzu, and ate my weight in biscuits and gravy every morning....a good vacation, to be sure. If I'm ever back in town, I'll let you know!