Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Monday library nights

Every Monday this summer before horn choir, I've spent about an hour at our local public library.  While I went to the Boston Public Library occasionally while at MIT, it was a real commitment between the time it took to get there (45 minutes, whether you walk or take the T) and the fact that you have to carry everything with you.  Then there's the whole lack-of-time-to-actually-read issue.  While I did manage a few books in grad school, I have read 30 books in the past couple months, and it feels wonderful. 

But at the moment, most of my time at the library is spent trying to avoid the book section, as I currently have a stack that's about 2 feet high of books from my childhood and my mom that I'm trying to get through.  But until then, I have to walk into the library and think fondly of the giant cookbook section and all of the novels on my list.  (How did I not consciously realize that libraries had cookbooks until now?  So many options!).

Instead, I'm browsing for DVDs both for me and the family...streaming at home has been incredibly slow lately, taking netflix and hulu off the table.  But, I've been able to see quite a few movies, both new and old.  It's also nice since you can take them up to the cabin and the TV that only gets channel 4 and have something to watch in the evenings.  Because sorry...I just can't quite deal with Big Brother.  Ha.

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