Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Twin Cities Horn Club


Every Monday this summer, I've been a part of a horn choir -- we're an all-ages group of anywhere from 20 to 35 French horn players that sit together in a room for two hours and play music.   It's a blast (pun intended!)

For more information, check out their page on facebook and on their website.


TomW said...

I applaud you honing your skill on the French horn because, as a brass player, I realize how difficult the instrument is to master (my sister was on the road to greatness with it in high school before shifting gears to accompany the Chorus on piano).

As a seasoned musician you and/or your choir is probably already aware of FhornPatrick on YouTube. But if not, here is a link:


He appears to be quite talented.


Bridget said...

Well, sometimes it's tough to stick with it...if you don't have the right teacher or situation, it can become impossibly frustrating! :)

FhornPatrick is great. There are some really fun players out there.