Saturday, July 11, 2009

and then one day, the sun came out, and all was good with the world!

There are some times in everyone's lives that are harder than others. Maybe the difficulty is in school work, or a job, or moving (hi lady!), or being in the middle of a show (hi diva!). Other times, it could be things going on at home with your family: unanticipated changes, tough breaks, or exciting happenings that you miss out on (hi Hillary! I can't wait to meet you!)

And some days, the sum of all these parts can add up to a whole that is wholly overwhelming, leaving you babbling and eating chocolate cookie dough that you made precisely because there is no. chocolate. in the house. Although, I'm pretty sure the glucose tolerance test earlier that day could have done that too. I mean, give a person 100 grams of glucose in less than 2 minutes (chug! chug! chug!) well---that screws you up. I turned into a hyperactive chipmunk giggling uncontrollably to someone who felt incredibly ill and off-kilter in a matter of minutes. And then there's the poking. Jeez louise, I'm fine with needles, but when you go twice in the same vein it really hurts. Really hurts.

But NOW my friends, it is beautiful outside. Abso-friggin-gorgeous, if you will. I did some lab work, bought some wonderful fruits and vegetables at the farmer's market, and made zucchini bread. And then a goat cheese/roasted beet/walnut/cranberry salad with arugula and oakleaf lettuce for dinner (with some pasta and sweet Italian sausage from my favorite butcher here). It was a lovely day.

In other news, I found this dress online yesterday. And I don't know what to do with myself except stop buying food so I can purchase it. In all the available colors. I will wear it everyday (well, every second that I'm not in lab, I guess).

It is one-size-fits-all, and you can wrap it literally a zillion different ways:

Yes, it is $246.00. But think of the versatility! I am beyond sold for this dress.

Also, in quota for the randomness of the day, I would like to air my disdain for the word "hubby." Now, I have nothing against people who like/use the word. But to me, it sounds like "tubby" which means, in effect, if you call someone that particular word, it is akin to calling them lard-face, or fatty. It just doesn't jive with me. I cringe every time I hear it or read it. Pet nicknames are fine, odd formal denotations of who you are are fine (my brother calls me "Sister" with a capital S almost exclusively)...but hubby just drives me crazy! "Me and the hubs" NOOOoooo stop calling him this name that makes me feel like you're telling me he looks like a big fat 'ol plastic thing of fatty fat fat Jabba-the-Hut-like nastiness. It makes my skin crawl!

I don't know. Maybe I'm crazy, but is one my list of nails-on-a-chalkboard words. Although, if you want good words, I'm all about gregarious, malevolent, pneumococcus, ubiquitination, saccharomyces...those are some good words.


M. said...

I assume that because it is called the Jersey dress, it is made of jersey fabric? I wonder if it would get stretched out. I had jersey sheets in college and they looked like a hexagon by the time I got rid of them. I am really intrigued by this dress, especially for traveling. Just think of how awesome it would be to pack one dress for two weeks in Europe. Amazing. I want to know more.

Anonymous said...

i'm a sucker for goat cheese and walnuts, add some cranberries and avocado and I'm done. *sigh*

Bridget said...

M: It is made of jersey, but I would assume that if they are charging upwards of $200 for the dress I would assume it is very fine-knit jersey. They wouldn't be in business if the dresses fell out of form in a few wearings. That said, they also have a satin version which wouldn't have the whole stretch problem. Looking on their site for cleaning information, they say to wash by hand and be gentle with it, but I feel like it must stay pretty nice over time...I would love to have one! They came up in a random post about someone having to wear it for a bridesmaid's dress, and I can't help but think how nice that sort of dress would be for the occasion. And then you could use it for the tricky office to date night or traveling occasions. So many possibilities!

mieletcannelle: Oh yes...a good avacado would have made this salad just perfect. I have not had good luck with avacados here, though...maybe sometime I'll find delicious ones.

M. said...

I wonder how hard it would be to make one. It's basically a skirt with two very long pieces of material attached. It makes me want to experiment, though I lack the talent and sewing machine and overall know-how.

Bridget said...

Huh. Jersey is fairly cheap, so if you wanted to experiment with some suuuuuper cheap nasty color jersey just to see what you come up with that'd probably work...then you could actually very carefully sew a "real" version now that you figured out the mockup. Also---it's nice because you wouldn't need a dress form since it's one size fits all. I may have to try that (now that I will live in a dorm with a sewing room!)

Rick L said...

"I think I will stop buying food to afford this dress" I burst out laughing, as it is fully absurd, but being on a budget myself, completely true (I just bought Lederhosen...)