Monday, January 17, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness

 (From's Big Picture)

Really, turning a Mayan temple pink for breast cancer?  Is that absolutely necessary?  How does that cure cancer?  Someone, please tell me.  Because I'm pretty sure spending the money to retrofit a pyramid for pink LEDs does nothing to stop rampantly dividing tumors.  Or maybe I'm mistaken?

I'm all about awareness of disease.  Cancer is horrible.  And it's a tough nut to crack.  Science is working on this problem, hard--members of my department design computer models, new drug candidates, search out ways to deliver drugs more elegantly.  But at the same time, commercializing support of a disease (Susan G. Komen-supporting Rold Gold pretzels, anyone?)  --well, it seems callous and capitalistic, when awareness is supposed to foster understanding and empathy. 

In the case of breast cancer I'm fairly sure a cogent explanation of what cancer actually is would be a lot more worthwhile than gratuitously splashing the color pink on food packaging, pens, all that.  I think it would be a triumph of human creativity and ingenuity to meet that challenge head on and try to give people a real picture of what this disease is, why it's so difficult to cure, and what they can do about it. 

Well, it'd be a lot more meaningful than a lot of pink lights, anyway.

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Sprite said...

Hi, citypages recently did a piece about this issue:

I support the idea of building awareness and prevention and raising money, but I think it's going too far with the temple. There simply isn't a connection between modern breast cancer and ancient architecture. I have trouble seeing the benefits of awareness over the waste of resources.