Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January 2010

 (better late than never.)


Urban art installation by Mehmet Ali Uysal (via)

20 Words Untranslatable into English (via)---fascinating.  I wish that these words did exist in English, no doubt.  I'm pretty sure that tartle is my favorite. 

Traffic Sheep!  Love.

Dr. Suess and Star Wars; drawn by Adam Watson

Animation using google docs: incredible!  (via)

December 2010 Blizzard Timelapse Angle 2 from Michael Black on Vimeo.

Time-lapse of the blizzard on the East Coast.  Oh snow.  You are wonderful.

And a thank-you to Kempt for the great mashup links!

Things to look forward to:  (and things that have already happened)

--Holiday pictures from friends.  I love seeing the smiles, the babies, the trees, the snow.  Keep them coming!

--massage one of four---I've been able to scope out deals on Living Social and Groupon lately, and I'll be getting a massage once a month til April.  My shoulders can hardly stand the wait.

--snow in Boston (see here for pictures)

--McCormick wine-tasting seminar; though I still have frustrations (black cherry or regular do you tell the difference?!) --it's been very educational.  I now know the difference between a sauvignon blanc and a cabernet sauvignon.  Fancy.


Sprite said...

#15, Tingo, “the act of taking objects one desires from the house of a friend by gradually borrowing all of them.”

This made me laugh...hard.
I love how most of those words are either related to soul-crushing misery or unbearably romantic sweetness. Does this mean that English is lacking those sentiments?

Bridget said...

It seems like it! English is a language of reason and practicality, not necessarily hyperbolic emotion. Too bad, makes it a whole lot less fun.