Sunday, March 28, 2010


Nope. But taxes are in, a double batch of truffles is made for tomorrow's study break (by request; I just can't turn down a pouty face!), and I'm actually kind of maybe caught up on a little bit of lab work. Well, as caught up as you can be with science, I's one of those things that until you have solved the world, there is always more to learn, always more to do. And tomorrow to go with the truffles, there will also be smashed chickpea salad and my favorite chili of all time. So. good.

But there are some delicious new recipes in the works, and although Pi day did not come to fruition, I am making a spinach mushroom quiche on Wednesday, which will be both my first foray into tofu at home (yikes) as well as my first co-op cooking session. The co-op is another "study break" by student request...I buy groceries, you chose a menu, we find a time, and we cook together and eat together. It should be good for a couple reasons...I need to be better at planning, I enjoy cooking meals for more than just myself, and I want to be the best role model I can be for my girls when it comes to cooking.

Not a one of them is going to leave my floors without realizing how easy it is to make quick healthy food...and how you only need to rachet it up to medium (not medium hard, not hard, not must-be-an-Iron-Chef-to complete) for it to not be general with food that they have available to them, it's gonna be quick+easy+boring or takes more time+medium+more exciting...and too often they even skip the first option to eat baaaad pizza in the student center.

Also...kumquats are quite possibly my new favorite food. The essence of orangey-citrusy-lemon packaged in one kind of reminds me of why I loved sour patch kids back in the day...and you eat the peel, too! I mean, they're incredible!

And with that...bed. Laundry at 6 am tomorrow, woo-hoo. Way to start a week, I say. (and I'm heading back to MN on Thursday to be around while a person close to me is dealing with some medical stuff...I'm glad that I can be helpful. And this gives me the perfect opportunity to make...wait for cross buns! And blueberry buckle. And meatloaf. I have now conquered my fear of the meatball, so meatloaf, I'm lookin' at you).


Kyla Roma said...
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Kyla Roma said...

Oh my goodness, that's a shocking level of activity!! lol Look at you! Send some of the results over my way?


Bridget said...

....yeah, it's a busy week for sure! And hopefully the results don't include me collapsing into a bowl of ice cream late Wednesday night in the middle of packing to go home. We'll see!