Monday, March 1, 2010

March 2010

[modeled after Kyla Roma's month-forward post, Andrea's idea of every Monday as a mini-new year and Nicole's pictures of her adorable baby]


--The Boston Globe's "Big Picture" series from the Olympics. Wow. Just wow.

--Norwegian smiles

--A reminder that my biology degree is, in fact, useful. See syncitium (cells of an organisms which have more than one nucleus, or storage compartment for DNA...this isn't exactly rare, as it happens in our own muscle cells, fungus, sponges, the placenta, and during embyronic development).

--My homegirls Elizabeth, Daine, Anne, Sabriel, Alanna, Matilda, Jane, Cimorene, Laura, and Elinor. Thanks for reminding me that tough things happen but there is always a way to a happy ending.

--This dining room picture from an Apartment Therapy house tour:
It's got everything: windows, wood floors, a dining room table that is to-die for! storage space, beautiful colorful art...when can I move in?

--This video (linked instead of embedded; vimeo has been really buggy for me lately). Hold Your Horses is a band from Paris, and this video for their song "70 Million" recreates famous works of art (thanks Ms. Dahlin; without you my art history knowledge would be much skimpier)

--Daffodils. God bless Trader Joes and their $1.49 bunches of daffodils.
Too bad, however, that I forgot that they make me sneeze and make my eyes water. Alas...they look so pretty and sunshine-y that I forget that subtlety treacherous effects on my immune system.

--My little brother. Seriously. How many people out there get an assignment to do a presentation of Romeo and Juliet end up doing this?

Yes, you see that correctly. He did the whole play. In lego. Uh-huh. Rock out, bro.

Things to look forward to:

--Turning 24. Older, braver, and perhaps wiser.

--Orchestra concert March 12th---get ready for some jazz! And some crazy new music by an MIT composer.

--Birthday party AFTER the orchestra concert. This night...oh man. It is going to be epic. There will be deep fried corn fritters, boozy delicious things, chex mix, general bar food happiness and ice cream cake. Not just any ice cream cake...we're talking an ice cream cake with homemade chocolate chip ice cream, with homemade caramel, with two wondrous layers of brown sugar/chex/butter/peanuts...I can't wait just thinking about it.

--My brother visiting! He'll be here for the aforementioned party, and through St. Patrick's Day. Shenanigans? Oh yes. And restaurant week with my brother, one of my favorite people ever---it will be a week to remember.

--BE Retreat. Pretty good food, wonderful tea, seeing BE people that I don't see much anymore...should be fun times.

--Pi Day. Me? I like pie.

Things I will do:

--Lab meeting tomorrow! I have a stuffy nose and made the mistake of taking some expectorant today. Ugh. Now I have a stomachache and snot running down my nose....and I still feel sick! Ew.

--I had this horrid realization last night that I am a willpower-less hypocrite. At least about one particular issue. It's the beginning of a new month, and my gosh I am hereby growing a spine and saying "no way josé" instead of rationalizing saying yes. I'm done.

--Not break glass. I broke two things this weekend which resulted in spending 3+ hours on my hands and knees "taping" my carpet or the tile to try and pick up glass shards. I will never get those three hours back.

--Start culturing Plasmodium. It isn't easy, and I hate using ethanol on my hands (it evaporates very quickly, taking the heat of my hands with it, something that I cannot stand since my hands are already cold). But it is the start to studying some cool-io Plasmodium biology, which I am totally down for.


Kyla Roma said...

I love the daffodils!

And I'm glad that I'm not the only one who knows about Pi Day =D

Bridget said... MIT, Pi day is a holiday up there with St. Patrick's or Valentine's day...probably bigger, actually! The dorm I work in is actually having a Pi Day celebration with at least 25 different kinds of pies. I can't wait.