Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 2011


The Dow Piano, from Edlund Art.  Economics can sometimes sound so beautiful.

Chemistry labels for crayons explaining the origin of each color - brilliant! (via)

 Lady Gaga, children's book style (via)

Walking like Egyptian Tortoises (from here)

Conductor (In progress demo) from Alexander Chen on Vimeo.
New York City Subway music (via)


--playing the Planets.  Because oh wow, it moves me.  

--Cheesecake study break this Sunday!  Meaning I get to spend a good deal of Saturday making graham cracker crusts, and does this make me happy?  Oh yes.  

--Academy Awards party for my girls, in my room, popcorn included. 

--Ice skating.  Ryan Bradley, will you marry me?  (kidding, Mom, kidding.  But he has a great smile, no?)

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