Thursday, February 24, 2011

lucky girl

This past October, I won a beautiful teak bowl from Dee - so exciting!


I decided to use it as the repository for all of my wallet items that wouldn't fit in the beautiful Christmas-gift-to-myself cigarette case wallet I bought at Dame in Jamaica Plain.

Lovely wallet

Inside, room for exactly seven cards, a check, and one bill. 

The bowl!  (and thank you so much Kyla for the beautiful print!)  The snowball is from Kosta Boda in Sweden (but I picked it up in the local Goodwill, tags on, for $2), and the Midsommarst√•ng is of unknown origin (mom?  where is this from?)

Contents include extra cash, my zipcard card, gift cards, all that, but not my important IDs (those go somewhere safe and hidden; you can never be too careful!)

And, the lovely lady also sent me a $100 gift card to CB2, and I have no idea what to buy.  I go between another lamp since my apartment's living room is just so dark...

Or buying about 8 of these, because they're so cute!  Thoughts?

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