Monday, August 8, 2011

24 hours in Maine

Building near North Station.

North Station is also the TD Garden, home of the Celtics and Bruins (nice use of space, Boston).

Morning beach walk.


Beach at high tide.

 Exactly what I'd expect of a Maine coastline.

Sand and driftwood.

The view from my reading spot.  

Wild Maine blueberries, hidden among the University of New England campus.

The University of New England has a Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center, and this little guy was abandoned.  My friend swears that seal pups are the devil in disguise, but look at that face!  How could that ever be evil, I ask you?

Their research lab just seems so much cooler than mine.   Maybe because you can play with baby skates!  The little ones were about two inches across, but the adults were larger than a dinner plate. 

The gas station and deli where we bought lunch.  When you first enter, it looks like a normal gas station: an aisle for pop and beer, and aisle for chips and crackers, and then you see the giant lobster tank.  Welcome to Maine.

My beautiful five-claw lobster roll on a lightly toasted bun.  So delicious.

The marshland near the beach.

The beach at low tide.

Looking back towards land.


Ripples in the sand.

 Looking out towards the ocean.

The other Salty Dog, currently beached.

Martian landscape.

 Beautiful grasses.

The beach, much larger than it was at high tide.

Buildings in the town of Saco, Maine.

Clam chowder and beer at Run of the Mill...a perfect way to end a beautiful day in Maine!

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