Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to catch a fish

 Step 1:  go out about an hour before official sunset.

Step 2:  Cast into the weedier-ish part of the lake, about 40 feet out.

Step 3.  Reel 'er in!

Step 4:  Bring fish close to the dock, and kneel down.

Step 5:  Grab fish firmly, making sure to immobilize pernicious top fin.  Examine hooks and remove carefully but authoritatively.  Fish wiggle more when you are skittish.

Step 6:  After successfully removing the hook, fake throwing the fish at your sister, just because it's fun.

Step 7:  Throw him back.

Step 8:  Look at the pretty sky.

 Step 9:  Tease the sunnies.

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