Tuesday, August 9, 2011

old-lady street cred.

The sunflowers and cherries were found at a church sale up north for a pittance...I wish I knew which lady spent time embroidering them, but I'll just have to live with the hope that making these is a labor of love for her, and buying them was getting me one step closer to my grandma's kitchen. 

 The magnolia blossom was made for me by this dear friend, after remembering my love for the flower after going crazy seeing them for the first time on our band trip to New Orleans.  Eight years pass, I said nothing about magnolias to her, and then she presents me with that gorgeous tea towel, not knowing that I practically have an addiction to the magnolias that bloom outside of McCormick every spring.  (my first year living here, I took over 300 pictures of them in two weeks).  Friend/flower ESP, oh yes.

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Sprite said...

CHERRIES. That is fabulous!