Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A beautiful Thanksgiving day

There were still cornflowers blooming, kind of crazy to believe!  (called blåklint in Sweden, one of my favorite flowers)


Mary Kay said...

Did you take the photos on Thanksgiving or yesterday? I'm wondering because we had an amazing last day of November in Paris and I thought that perhaps you had the same weather in Boston. Today it's grey and raining, so I'm very thankful for the weather that we had yesterday.

With the blue backdrop of the Charles River and the sky, the cornflowers look exceptionally pretty.

Bridget said...

The photos are from Thanksgiving, before my camera died...I'm still waiting for the new one, but it looks like it'll be here soon! (it's in Marlborough, MA right now)

Mary Kay said...

Thank goodness for online tracking so that we know the right moment to open our door and receive our package. Judging from the quality of the Thanksgiving photos, your camera died a premature death. I look forward to seeing pics taken with the new one.