Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Why I love where I live.  (but where is the snow?  They need to do an edition for each season, I think.)


Mary Kay said...

Thanks for posting this great video. My mom, a very proud native of St. Paul, would have absolutely loved it. But like you, she would have wondered why they didn't show any snow, especially during Winter Carnival.

Not being from the great state of Minnesota, I did have to smile when I read that it boasts the most golf players per capita because my immediate thought was, "I wonder how long the playing season is - unless they're using colored balls and playing in the snow!"

Bridget said...

I wish that something other than an "economic development council" had the money to make a video like this, it's just such a wonderful look at Minneapolis/St. Paul. And I'm sure that golfers were mentioned since it's a very business-oriented advertisement. (notice how being the number one gay-friendly city in the US as ranked by The Advocate wasn't included...).