Friday, November 11, 2011


Once upon a time I had short hair, believe it or not.

But it got longer...

And longer.. (this skips my awkward ages from about, oh, seven til fifteen.  But I still had longish hair, never shorter than shoulder length).

Then girls in band decided to straighten it while we were in New Orleans (seriously, what do 18 year olds do in New Orleans?  Answer...nothing.  Straighten my hair, apparently).

And sometimes I'd be fancy and put it back in two low ponytails and buns.  Kind of Leia-ish, but not really.

Then I had friends who loved to play with my hair in college (thanks Nicole!)

But really, it was mostly frizzy and in a bun.  Seen here with flowers, which were my favorite.

Or here.  See the frizz?  So much of it.  It was just the practical way to be with so much time spent in lab (hair had to be back, no exceptions).

Fast forward to today...I hardly ever wear my hair up anymore.  Actually, I wear it all down and back in a clip.  And yes, I use the same one every day.  My braiding skills are atrocious, though a friend has promised to teach me how to french braid my hair.  And online tutorials make me feel like I'm all thumbs.  Seriously, was there some slumber party magic class that I missed to get my certification in doing hair?

So here's the question...anyone out there have ideas for me?  Besides chop my hair off and start over?  (the thought of that gives me a panic attack). 

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Rick L said...

Is one of these pictures from the farm? That looks like Claire in the background and the roof reminds me of our old blue beast. Good times.